Vandegraaff Gearheardt is an award-winning artist trailblazing Sensational Assemblage, a new medium at the confluence of art and technology.  The DNA of Sensational Assemblage has snippets of the Cubist originators of Assemblage along with concepts from the 1920’s Constructivists with their machine and technology aesthetic. Characteristics of the Lumino-Kinetic movement of the 1960s also appear and in the spirit of the Bauhaus, you see  functional elements and modern repurposing  which emphasize the practical.  Vandegraaff’s practical arts  of woodworking, machining and electronics places him in the Bauhaus,  but it his addition of ornamental kinetic and photonic elements that move these Sensational Assemblages into a medium all their own.

Although this medium is time period agnostic, many Vandegraaff Gearheardt Laboratories (VGL) pieces  are in the science fiction universes of Steampunk and Dieselpunk.  Vandegraaff uses electronics to add texture and depth to his pieces, just as a painter would use a palette knife as a tool. He mimics 1890s bespoke craftsmanship for his classic Steampunk pieces, using intricate brass and wood detailing while the addition of his inventive “weird science” not only creates interest through these anachronisms, but the light, sound and motion expands the viewer’s sensory bandwidth.  The steel and aluminum used by Vandegraaff in the post WW1 alternative history genre called Dieselpunk, allows him to make assemblages with a motorcycle or automotive theme, and plays to his practical art of metalworking. Adding a dollop of utility, maybe as a backwards running clock or Bluetooth music player, brings this work into the spectrum of everyday life. Residing in the Steampunk universe allows for fantastic backstories that fire the imagination while the eyes and ears are engaged.

His work has  won acclaim and  awards in curated art shows at San Diego,  Indian Wells, New York City and Santa Fe.  His work was featured at the 2018 Edwardian Ball in San Francisco and he has been invited to exhibit at  every Steampunk Convention on the West Coast.  His piece, "Prisoner of Time", was in the California Center for the Arts Museum  in a special show highlighting re-purposed art. 

Come in and investigate Vandegraaff's  world of Sensational Assemblages.


As most pieces here have been sold, and  every piece is unique, if you see something of interest please feel free to contact me about collaborating on a custom  assemblage for you.


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VGL pieces can be seen and purchased at:

J-Go Gallery, Park City, UT


Look Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. /



Vandegraaff Laboratories is a subsidiary of Sunshine Design, where spaces are designed to create fantasies from large to small, inside and outside, for commercial and residential properties.


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