My devices are designed to amuse and amaze you forever.  A bit impractical, I know, but from that starting point I want to assure the owners of my devices that I will  continue to support and repair my creations for as long as I am able. For the first six months after purchase, I provide a Guarantee that covers shipping both ways in order to keep the device in working order at zero cost to the owner. The Guarantee does not cover replaceable items such as batteries or incandescent bulbs, or if the item has suffered damage due to abuse or harm. Based on the item’s location, I may make a “house call” to repair the device on-site, or arrange for its return to me. In that case, the buyer has the responsibility to properly pack the device, and if it came with a solid wood travel box, to use that box for protection in transit. Contact me when the item is ready to ship and I will make the arrangements.

After the first six months, I will continue to keep my creations in working order. This may entail shipping you a replacement part that you may install, or returning all or part of the device back to me. In that case, there will be no charge for labor and the replacement part will be billed at cost. Shipping is at the owner’s expense.

Thank you for appreciating my work. I want you to enjoy your device and come back for more. I am always available to answer your questions and to be of service.