Vandegraaff Gearheardt is a second generation award-winning artist, pioneering a new art form at the confluence of art and technology.  This new medium, Sensational Assemblage, is the fusion of sensory stimulating high technology, including  high voltage arcs,  neon, Bluetooth music players and plasma displays, sometimes all together. Although the medium is time period agnostic,  many of the VGL  pieces start with an old clock or radio, and are in the science fiction universe of steampunk.  He uses electronics to add texture and depth to his pieces, just as a painter would use a palette knife as a tool. He mimics 1890s bespoke craftsmanship using intricate brass and wood detailing while the addition of his inventive “weird science”  not only creates interest through these anachronisms, but the lights, sounds, and motion expands the viewer’s sensory bandwidth.  Adding  a dollop of utility, maybe as a backwards running clock or bluetooth music player, breathes life into his work and brings them into everyday life.  Residing in the steampunk universe allows for  fantastic backstories to fire the imagination while the eyes and ears are engaged.

Each piece evolves from Vandegraaff's unique tool kit which contains a repertoire of high tech electronics, woodworking, machining and welding skills that all contribute to the art form of Sensational Assemblage.

His work has been shown in curated art shows at Indian Wells, New York City and Santa Fe.  His piece, "Prisoner of Time", was in the California Center for the Arts Museum, for 3 months in a special show highlighting recycled art.

Come in and investigate Vandegraaff's  world of unique creations that evoke the fantastic world of Steampunk.



Vandegraaff Laboratories is a subsidiary of Sunshine Design, where spaces are designed to create fantasies from large to small,  inside and outside,  for commercial and residential properties. 


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